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    Ceramic Fibre Products

    Ceramic fiber is made from a mixture of silicium oxide and aluminum oxide. Both of these elements are in a very pure form, which is melted in an electric arc resistance furnace. This molten is spun into a fiber. Ceramic fiber as with other textile fibers should be processed in such a way that the amount of dust produced is kept to an absolute minimum. If the concentration is too high, the wearing of a mask is recommended. The precautionary measure is particularly advisable when processing free fibers. Because of their structure, finished textile products produce little dust.

    ? Good resistance to oxidizing and reducing agents
    ? Low thermal conductivity
    ? Excellent resistance to chemical products, with the exception of  hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid           and concentrated bases.
    ? No ignition loss as ceramic fiber do not contain any crystallization water
    ? Neither the thermal nor the physical properties are affected by water or steam

    Ceramic fiber can be spun just like the other fibers. They yarn so obtained can be twisted, intertwined or woven. A small quantity of organic fibers is added to increase mechanical resistance during processing. Such support vanishes with low temperature, affecting in no way the ceramic fibers characteristics, only the mechanical resistance is decreased. Ceramic yarn with a glass core reinforced increases its mechanical strength. For a higher tensile strength requirement, ceramic yarns are reinforced either with brass, stainless steel or inc onel wires.

    Al2o3 approx. 47%
    Sio2 approx. 52%
    Others approx. 1%

    Color White
    Temperature 1260°C
    Melting Point 1790°C
    Density 2.5 – 2.75 gr/cm3
    Specific Heat 1.05 Kj/KgK
    Tensile Strength 50N/mm2
    Average diameter 3 microns
    Ceramic Fibre Twisted Rope RoundTemperature Resistance With glass reinforced 650°C
    With Inconel or Stainless steel Wire reinforced 1100°C

    ? Style BJ5120 Glass Wire Reinforced
    ? Style BJ5121 Brass Wire overbraided
    ? Style BJ5122 Glass Wire overbraided
    ? Style BJ5130 Inconel Wire Reinforced
    Diameters: 3 – 4 mm 200Mtrs/roll 30mm 25Mtrs/roll
    5 – 12mm 100Mtrs/roll 40mm 20Mtrs/roll
    15 – 25mm 50Mtrs/roll 50mm 10Mtrs/roll

    Cover joints, joints for stovedoors, insulation of pipes etc…

    Ceramic Fibre Braiding? Style BJ 5202 Round braided Glass wire reinforced
    ? Style BJ 5203 Round braided Inconel wire reinforced
    ? Style BJ 5212 Square braided Glass wire reinforced
    ? Style BJ 5213 Square braided Inconel wire reinforced
    Diameters: 5 – 8 mm 100Mtrs/roll 20-25mm 30Mtrs/roll
    10 – 15mm 50Mtrs/roll 30-80mm 10Mtrs/roll

    Static seal for boilers, industrial furnaces, coke oven doors etc…

    ? Style BJ5432 Glass overbraided, large meshesCeramic Fibre Braiding
    ? Style BJ5434 Glass overbraided, close meshes
    ? Style BJ5453 Inconel overbraided, large meshes
    ? Style BJ5456 Inconel overbraided, close meshes
    Diameters: 12 – 60mm 25Mtrs/roll

    Insulation of pipes, Kiln-car joints, expansion/fire
    Joints in civil buildings (with certificate), coke ovendoors.

    Ceramic Fibre Woven Tapes? Style BJ5620 Glass wire reinforced woven Tapes
    ? Style BJ5630 Inconel wire reinforced woven Tapes
    ? Style BJ5720 Glass wire reinforced Bolt hole Tapes
    ? Style BJ5730 Inconel wire reinforced Bolt hole Tapes
    Diameters: Width 10 – 150mm
    Thickness 2-5mm
    Length 25 Meters/roll

    Between steel profiles of ovens, winding around pipes, Bolt –hole Tapes to place over bolts.

    ? Style BJ5820 Glass wire reinforced Ceramic fibre braided sleeve
    ? Style BJ5830 Inconel wire reinforced
    Inner Diameters : 8 – 60mm 25 mtrs/roll

    To cover tubes and pipes, with electrical wires always use the glass reinforced type , cables or flexible can also be overbraided immediately in the factory.

    Ceramic fibre tadpole tapes? Style BJ5920 Glass wire reinforced
    ? Style BJ5930 Inconel wire reinforced
    Dimensions: Custom Sizes

    Sealing from ovendoors, can be in hard or soft
    Cession according to applications.
    Special Products - Manhole Seals
    ? Style BJ6320 In Ceramic or Glass Fiber
    ? Style BJ6330 In Glass , Brass or Inconel reinforced
    ? Style BJ6350 In Rubber and / Graphite coating
    Dimensions: All used dimensions available

    Special Products - Manhole Seals

    Man hole sealsStyle BJ6320 In Ceramic or Glass Fiber
    Style BJ6330 In Glass , Brass or Inconel reinforced
    Style BJ6350 In Rubber and / Graphite coating
    Dimensions: All used dimensions available
    Seals for manhole cover in boilers.

    Woven ceramic fibre cloth
    This cloth is available either with glass wire yarn reinforced or inconel wire reinforced or and has been treated for dust control.
    Style 6992 glass wire reinforced temperature up to 650 °C
    STYLE 6993 Inconel wire reinforced temp up to 1100 °C
    ceramic fibre clothDimensions
    Width 1000mm
    Thickness 2.0 mm to 3.0 mm
    Length 25 Meters or 30 meter roll

    Protective clothing, controlled cooling down of casting, finished insulation, furnace boiler, welding blankets etc..We can fabricate all desired dimension or shape, rubber aluminum or graphite coating as per demand


    Style BJ7320 In Ceramic Fiber

    Style BJ7330 In Glass fiber

    ceramic fibre glovesGloves made by a highly texturized fabric that withstands temperatures up to 600°C and resists most acids and alkalines.
    This comfortable wool-lined glove is designed for specific industrial and safety applications such as insulation for turbine engines,
    expansion joints, heat reflectors, welding blankets and asbesto
    s encapsulation.

    Style BJ7350 In Kevlar fiber
    Kevlar fibre gloves Heat resistant glove is designed for heat resistance. Glove with a KEVLAR? fiber blend material. The work glove hasa full wool lining for added heat resistance. This glove is a very thick and large glove that is designed for heat resistance; consequently, the dexterity of the glove is extremely limited. In addition, the high temp glove is also available with a leather reinforced palm, thumb and fingers Ideal for foundries, glass blowing, and metal forging.
    Dimensions: Available in several different shapes, long, short, and with five fingerless.
    Foundry, welding gloves, ceramic industry, laboratory, steel mills etc…..

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