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    Reconditioning of Mechanical Seals


    Mechanical seals are subject to wear caused by their operating conditions. BJSEAL will carry out repair service from any type of mechanical seals. If your seals are not repairable conditions, we can build a new seal at a lower cost. We offer a full reconditioning service for repair to 'As New' for all makes of cartridge mechanical seals at a cost of approximately 50% the price of a new unit.

    Considering the working conditions, repaired seals can also be upgraded by replacing Carbon faces with Silicon carbide or Tungsten Carbide.

    Failure Analysis

    • Uneven wear of the seal faces
    • Chip out corners

    • Chemical attack of the faces and material

    • Secondary seal elasticity

    • Uneven wear of elastomers

    • Formation of cracks

    • Shaft fretting

    • Seal faces blistering

    • Drive pin &anti rotation slot wear and crack or breakouts (Axial &Radial)

    • General condition of seal faces,elastomers,sleeve and gland

    Reconditioning Method

    • reconditioning methodCleaning of all metal parts which can be used again and inspected for factory tolerance.

    • Re-lapping of seal faces if required or replacement by new parts.

    • New springs, new elastomer (rubber boot or o-rings).

    • Replace new set screws and setting clips. (if cartridge seals)

    • Polishing of all sealing surfaces for secondary seals.

    • Other parts of the seals if required by new parts.

    • Seal surface to be lapped to industry standards.(within 2 helium light bands)

    • Seal Condition Report issued on request.

    • Assembled and delivery

    Engineering Services


    With all of our mechanical seal engineering experience in design, applications, troubleshooting, failure analysis, and installation, we are ready and willing to help you through any of your sealing solutions. BJSEAL can assist you with new seal design and material selection.
    BJSEAL can work with you to help you solve that tough application where seal failure is a common occurrence. Having trouble finding a seal to fit a tight stuffing box or sealing area? Call BJSEAL, and put our many years of seal service to work for you.

    Contact Info
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    AKURDI, PUNE - 411035

    Phone :+91-20-27483060

    Fax :+91-20-27487080

    Email :
     We are maintains ongoing quality assurance checks throughout the manufacturing process.
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    BJSEAL is at the forefront of the engineering business and regularly produces press releases we offer to our customers.
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